Prof. Duong Tan Nhut – Topic: Agricultural and Food Biotechnology

Vice President of Tay Nguyen Institute for Scientific Research, Vietnam

Prof. Dr. Duong Tan Nhut graduated from Kagawa University (Japan). He is the vice director and president of the Scientific Advisory Council of Tay Nguyen Institute for Scientific Research (VAST, Vietnam). He has more than 450 peer-reviewed articles in international and national publications, and is the chief editor of the book Thin cell layer culture system: Regeneration and transformation application for Kluwer Academic Publishers; Plant Tissue Culture: New Techniques and Application in Horticultural Species of Tropical for Springer Publisher, contributes approximately 36 book chapters for Springer, Kluwer Academic Publishers, as well as others; and has delivered numerous oral and poster presentations in numerous international meetings. Prof. Duong Tan Nhut was president of Biology – Agriculture – Life Sciences Council (NAFOSTED, Vietnam) in the years 2015–2017; is vice president of Vietnam Plant Physiology Association from 2003 to date; and is a member of editorial boards of certain journals in Vietnam; he is now Associate editor for Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture Journal (Q1) for Springer Narure...