Dr. Nguyen Nhut – Topic: Marine Biotechnology

Research Institute for Aquaculture No.2, Vietnam

Study and practice on innovative aquaculture technologies, including hatcheries and grow-out farming have conducted in Vietnam for 20 years. As
a leader of research and development on aquaculture technology projects for international, national and local level focused on (1) nutrition, (2) biosecurity, (3) sustainable aquaculture technologies, (4) recirculating
aquaculture systems, (5) aquaculture engineering, (6) domesticated shrimp and fish, (7) aquatic health management, (8) aquaculture waste treatment and (9) nutrients mass balance in aquaculture systems.

At Research Institute for Aquaculture No2 (RIA2), My position was promoted as a Head of Aquaculture Group, a Vice Director of Experimental Biology Department, a Director of National Breeding Centers for Southern Marine Aquaculture, a Secretary of the RIA2 Science Committee and teaching in Aquaculture Universities.